2021 Mazda CX-5 Dashboard Light Guide

Mazda CX-5 Dashboard Light Guide

Mazda CX-5 Dashboard Light Guide

Every Mazda comes with a specific set of dashboard lights that let you know some important information about your vehicle. While particular indicators warn of upcoming service needs, others simply prompt you to fasten your seat belt or remind you that the vehicle’s headlights are on. Regardless, knowing your Mazda CX-5 dashboard lights when they appear on the dashboard display is important to keep you and your car riding smoothly.

At Mazda of Abington Mazda, we want to help you understand your Mazda CX-5 dashboard symbols. If you’re driving near the Glenside, Willow Grove, or Willow Manor area, we hope that our guide below will effectively give you the information you need when you’re out on the road and an odd symbol illuminates on the dashboard.

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Mazda CX-5 Indicator and Warning Lights

Low Fuel Warning Light

This yellow gas pump symbol will appear when the Mazda CX-5 is running out of fuel. It’ll alert you when the remaining fuel level is at about 2.3 gallons.

Brake System Warning Light

A red circle in parentheses with a large exclamation point in the center indicates that your Mazda CX-5 brakes may be experiencing issues or not functioning properly. If the light stays on after checking that the parking brake is disengaged, we suggest you have your brakes inspected immediately by your authorized Mazda dealer.

Check Engine Light

Mazda CX-5 Dashboard Light Guide

A yellow engine symbol may pop up on the dashboard if:

  • The fuel tank level is very low or approaching empty.
  • The engine’s electrical system has a problem.
  • The emissions control system has a problem.

It’s important to note driving conditions when this light appears. If it doesn’t go away or begins continuously flashing, don’t drive at high speeds and contact your authorized Mazda dealer.

Air Bag/Seat Belt Pretensioner System Warning

This red symbol appears on the Mazda CX-5 dashboard resembling a passenger equipped with a seatbelt and a circle representing an airbag. It indicates a system malfunction within the air bag and pretensioner systems. If the light is constantly on or flashes, you should contact your authorized Mazda dealer to ensure that your air bags are functioning properly and will deploy when necessary.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Warning

When this indicator illuminates your dashboard as a horseshoe symbol with an exclamation point in the center, it means that the tire pressure has dropped below the minimum level in one or more of your tires. If this light continuously flashes, the tire pressure monitoring system in the Mazda CX-5 is experiencing a malfunction. We suggest that you pull over safely and inspect your vehicle’s tires visually to determine if there is any leak or flat tire. Contact your authorized Mazda dealer if the flashing indicator remains lit.

Charging System Warning Indication

A large red battery will show up on the dashboard if your Mazda CX-5 experiences a malfunction in the alternator or charging system. Pull over to the side of the road and contact your authorized Mazda dealer. It’s advised that you do not continue to drive your vehicle in the event that the engine stops running.

Engine Oil Warning Light

Mazda CX-5 Dashboard Light Guide

When this red oil can that appears to be dripping oil comes on the display, it signifies that your engine oil pressure is running low. Running the engine in this condition can cause some serious issues that would result in costly repairs or replacements. If indicated:

  1. Safely pull over to the side of the road.
  2. Turn your car off for five minutes.
  3. Inspect the oil level.
  4. If it’s low, pour in the appropriate amount of oil.
  5. Turn the engine back on and check whether the light is still on.

Stop driving the vehicle and contact your authorized Mazda dealer if:

  1. You don’t have extra oil.
  2. The light remains on and you should have a normal level of oil after resupplying the engine.

High Engine Coolant Temperature Warning

This flashing red symbol looks like a thermometer that’s being dipped into water and alarms you if your engine coolant temperature is extremely high. Should this appear, drive slowly until you find a good place to pull over and let your engine cool. Contact your authorized Mazda dealer if this alert persists and your engine does not seem to be cooling down. Driving with this problem isn’t advisable as it can cause damage to the engine.

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Still Unsure About Your Mazda CX-5 Dashboard Lights?

We at Mazda of Abington put this comprehensive guide together for Mazda CX-5 drivers near Glenside, Willow Grove, and Willow Manor. But we know that not all your questions can be answered by reading this page alone. That’s why we welcome you to schedule a service appointment or stop by with any questions you may have if these symbols clutter your dashboard.

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