Kelley Blue Book® vs Black Book

Used Mazda CarsSo, you’re looking into buying a used car but aren’t sure where to start—that’s fine. Everybody has to start somewhere, and people usually start with the internet. You’ll often find that two of the most used car valuation websites are Kelley Blue Book® and Black Book. But what’s the difference between the two?

The team at Mazda of Abington is here to answer that question for all our friends in the Willow Grove, Willow Manor, and Glenside, Pennsylvania, areas. When you’re ready to start your used-car-buying journey, start it with us!

Kelley Blue Book® vs. Black Book

Car Shopping You may have heard of both Kelley Blue Book® and Black Book, but you may not know the difference between the two. To start, Kelley Blue Book® has been around longer, with the company publishing its first Blue Book in print form in 1926. Black Book came around a bit later in 1955, and their books were originally sold out of a car.

Both resources source their information from current vehicle auctions. This means they compile and analyze what used cars are currently going for. Kelley Blue Book® gives these prices a rating from Excellent to Poor, while Black Book also takes into consideration wholesale values and rates those values from extra clean to rough.

Dealer vs. Consumer Driven

The biggest difference between the two is who will l find them more useful. Consumers will tend to find Kelley Blue Book® more useful because it shows what amount you can expect to purchase or sell a vehicle for. This is because they primarily source from auctions, so it reflects what people like you are paying for the cars you want.

On the other side of the coin is Black Book. Since this site sources from auctions and up-to-date wholesale values. This information is more useful for dealers because it sources from what consumers are paying, but also what the automotive industry giants are pricing. This gives them a good middle ground for their valuations.

Finding a Used Car

Finding a Used Car When you’re ready to start looking for a new-to-you car, you can use either of these websites to get an estimation of what you’ll be looking to pay. If you already know what car you’re looking for, the easiest way to find valuation is to simply type the make, model, and year into a search engine. You will get several website valuations to compare from.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, Kelley Blue Book® has a Car Finder option on their website. This feature allows you to narrow down the kind of car you might like by adding filters like MPG and model years.


Use the Website That Works Best for You

Since you’re likely a consumer looking to buy a used car, then Kelley Blue Book® is likely going to be what you’re using. But that’s not to say that the up-to-date accuracy of Black Book can’t be useful.

However, when you’re ready to start your car-buying journey, come and stop by Mazda of Abington happily serving the Willow Grove, Willow Manor, and Glenside, PA, areas!


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